Co-ops and Class Workshop

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This workshops aims to:

  1. Make space for poor and working class folks to centre articulate their own experiences and knowledge, share with others
  2. Support middle class and owning class folks gain recognition and take responsibility for the psychological and material benefit of their class positions and take steps toward change
  3. Make space to talk and plan for taking action such as collectivising and redistributing financial resources
  4. Support the mobilisation of cross-class people working towards radical social change
  5. Support a culture of mutual aid and accountability amongst Scottish Co-ops

Day One will be spent creating class caucuses (groups of folks with shared experiences) and discussing different elements of folks class experience.

Day Two will focus on working together to share or create strategies for addressing the needs of poor and working class folks within housing and workers co-ops.

Who is this workshop for:

Anyone who is either already in a housing or workers co-op or is thinking about starting this kind of project. This is aimed at people who have some prior knowledge of housing or worker’s co-ops – though the strategies day will focus on some elements of creating co-op’s such as financial systems, it won’t be a beginners ‘how to’ on the legal/bureaucratic side of things. Ideally folks would come with a group or project in mind so that the strategies day can be based around specific projects/situations and hopefully be applied afterwards.

For more info on how to start housing or workers co-op’s you can visit the Radical Routes website  ( or the Co-op’s UK website (


The house has a wheelchair ramp entrance and the garden has a gentle slope which should be possible to traverse in a wheelchair. Travel expenses will be available to cover travel within central Scotland, however there is a very small budget for this event so we will try to arrange lift shared where possible. Please let us know any access needs you have so that we can try to accommodate them!


We are going to have a childcare team headed by Euan Sutherland from @weelarches childcare with help from other folks. We wanted parents to have as good a time as possible so have got folks in who are used to working with kids!


If people who are able to could bring a dish to share for the two lunch times then that would be great. We will do a big pot of food for anyone camping over and shared breakfast the next day. We’re not going to impose any particular dietary rules but if you could let people know what’s in your dish that would be great!


There’s space to camp in the garden, if you don’t have a tent please let us know and we can try to course one. There is also some inside sleeping space for folks who need this.


6 different types of tickets are available. We ask participants to be as honest as they can regarding the ticket they choose to purchase. We offer no set definition of poor, secure or wealth, but are engaging with these terms within a UK context whilst understanding they are likley to mean different things to different people. Some things to bare in mind are whether food, housing and utilities were taken for granted in the spaces you were raised and the ones you live in now, the types of wages that enter into those spaces, and the types of inheritance that have been passed down. You should feel free to consider other factors that may feel more relevant to your own context.


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