Leave a gift in your will

Each of us leaves our mark on the world – through our relationships with other people and through our beliefs and ideas. Leaving a gift in your will to the Peace & Justice Centre is one way to continue to help future generations work towards a more peaceful and just Scotland after you are gone.

The Peace & Justice Centre has been working as a catalyst for a more peaceful and just Scotland for 40 years. We are creating a culture of peace through our PeaceBuilders Programme in Primary Schools; engaging local communities and promoting disarmament through our Peace Cranes project; and raising awareness of alternatives to war with our Opposing War Memorial project. We provide volunteer opportunities for young people to learn skills for peace activism, organise events that challenge militarism and, when the COVID crisis has passed, we’ll continue to provide a meeting space and other support for peace and justice campaigners in Edinburgh.

Legacies have been vital for enabling our core work, especially over the past 5 years, covering about half of our core costs over this period. While we regularly raise funds through grants from charitable trusts, and have been awarded a major grant to support our core work for 2021, further legacies can help ensure our work to promote peace, justice and disarmament over the long term.

A gift to us in your will would help the next generation develop the skills, knowledge and passion for a more peaceful and just Scotland. Alternatively, you might want your legacy to support a particular area of our work – peacebuilding in schools for example – and you can find details of our current projects on our website here: www.peaceandjustice.org.uk/projects 

How to leave a gift in your will

If you would like to change your will to include a gift to the Centre, you should make an appointment with your solicitor. There is a simple form you can fill in, called a codicil, to make a small change. We can provide you with a codicil to fill in.

There are two main types of legacy you can leave to the charity:

  1. A pecuniary legacy: this is a set amount of money left to a person or charity.
  2. A residuary legacy: this is the residual amount from the deceased person’s estate after all the pecuniary amounts, taxes and debts have been paid.

If you’d like to discuss leaving a gift in your will to us, please give our Coordinator Brian Larkin a ring on 07584 492257 or email him.

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