Peace & Justice Partners

Peace & Justice Partners

Are you a local organisation campaigning for peace, social justice and ecological sustainability or a small national advocacy group? Why not consider joining Peace & Justice as a Peace & Justice partner?

We create partnerships with organisations that want to help build a culture of peace in Scotland. 

As a Peace & Justice Partner we can help you to link up with other like-minded organisations, be part of and share information from the wider movement through our involvement in UK and international coalitions, and be supported to extend your local message of peace, justice and sustainability.

By becoming a P&J partner you will:

  • Receive Peace & Justice News three to four times a year by email or post
  • Get support for organising local events including help finding speakers, promotion on our website, email and social media and resources for organising events such as access to our zoom account
  • Have a chance to spread the word at a national level about what your organisation is doing through blog posts on our website and articles and news contributions to P&J News
  • Get advice and support on relevant campaigning and on developing your group locally
  • Help us to strengthen our democratic accountability and contribute to P&J’s organisational direction through a peace partnership position on our Board, an opportunity to vote at P&J AGM and involvement in planning P&J events and projects.

Our Peace & Justice Partnerships ares for local peace organisations, small Scotland-wide advocacy organisations, socially-committed religious organisations, and trade union branches. Larger organisations may want to consider affiliation in order to support the work of the P&J.

Fees (negotiable), depending on your organisation’s ability to pay:

Peace & Justice Partner (small, local): £25  Medium size regional/national) £100

National organisation affiliation: £250

To become a P&J Partner email: admin[at]

Our current Peace & Justice Partners are:

Edinburgh CAAT

Edinburgh CND

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Scotland

Trident Ploughshares

Conscience (Peace Tax Campaign)

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