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The Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre has worked since 1980 to promote nonviolence, conflict resolution, human rights and ecological responsibility and to build a culture of peace in Scotland.

Nobel Peace Prize Co-Recipients

One of our main streams of work has been to promote nuclear disarmament. Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre is one of 468 partner organisations that collectively make up the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) who were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 for our work to promote the Ban Treaty. 

Our Vision

A Scotland engaged in a global community: supporting life through a regenerative world economy with peaceful and just local communities celebrating nonviolence, diversity, equality of opportunity, and cultivating respect for all.


We challenge systemic injustices and act as a catalyst for a more peaceful and just Scotland. 


Honouring life

We recognise all expressions of life, welcoming and seeking diversity, both within the organisation and those we work with. We nurture our capacity to stay present in each interaction and in all that we do; endeavouring to act with consideration for each other’s needs, so that people’s authentic voices are heard. 


We strive to model nonviolence within our organisation and with those with whom we work; cultivating the courage to make brave choices and to act with integrity and compassion.

Collaborative Creativity 

We strive to collaborate in creative ways, applying imagination in our endeavour to transform to a peaceful future; recognising the role culture plays in changing attitudes and transforming society, and the power of creativity to inspire. 


We act courageously and with openness, willing to be changed as we learn to become better allies to those experiencing violence and oppression.

Ecological Responsibility

We act with and promote respect for the wellbeing of all life, recognising our interconnectivity and ecological and social responsibility.


  1. Offering training in conflict resolution and nonviolence.
  2. Raising awareness and challenging pervasive militarism, advocate for disarmament and ecological responsibility.
  3. Promoting human rights by engaging in events and collaborating with individuals, organisations, and communities. 
  4. Being an ally to those experiencing violence and oppression and standing for equality.
  5. Bringing together organisations and individuals within the peace movement by activating our networks, and providing accessible resources and a welcoming meeting place.
  6. Modeling the values of a peaceful and just society.
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