Peacebuilding for Primary Schools

New PeaceBuilders Video Resource for Primary Schools

We have made a series of eight short videos, each designed to fit into a single lesson, together with a manual for teachers to use in the classroom, based on our Cooperative Games and Conflict Resolution course.

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The Peacebuilding in Primary Schools Project

Welcome to PeaceBuilders. We work in primary schools in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Our experienced facilitators work with staff and pupils in a variety of ways to create more peaceful learning environments. We educate for peace by helping pupils and teachers develop skills to resolve conflicts and build relationships. We have worked with 50 class groups in 25 primary schools across Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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Our work supports the curriculum for excellence and helps to develop skills in listening and cooperation. It aims to helps children to talk about emotions, develop problem solving, empathy, affirmation and mediation skills.

How we can help

About our programmes

What people said about the course

How can I get involved?



How we can help

Our work supports the curriculum for excellence and helps to develop skills in listening, cooperation, talking about emotions, problem solving, empathy, affirmation and mediation skills.

If you have a current problem you think our emotional and social learning can help with, or you are keen to find new ways to help pupils at your school develop emotional resilience please get in touch (link to email address). We can help with:

  • Low level disruption in class
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Bullying behaviour
  • Lack of empathy
  • Being left out
  • Difficulties making friends
  • Classes that haven’t ‘gelled’
  • Development of circle time


About our programmes

We run a basic and follow-up programme in schools, but can also tailor to suit individual schools’ needs.

Peacebuilders Foundation: Cooperative Games and Conflict Resolution course

  • Runs for 8 weeks as part of the school’s day
  • One facilitated period of 55 minutes per week includes cooperative activities, group problem solving, storytelling, and reflection.
  • Our trained Facilitators normally work with two class groups per day
  • We ask schools to contribute just £150-£20 per course but we don’t want this to be a barrier to participation. We can help with fundraising. Please let us know if this is an issue.

Collaborative Classrooms: a more in-depth development of the peacebuilders model

A more in-depth development of the peacebuilders model.

  • Building towards a whole school approach, we offer training for teachers and pupils in class groups to develop sustainable practices in nonviolent communication, a restorative practice of conflict resolution, peer mediation and circle keeping
  • We train peer mediators in the school to help pupils resolve disputes between themselves.
  • We can carry out this deeper work with teachers and class groups after completion of the initial 8 week foundation course.

What people said about the course

 The course has been a fantastic introduction to coping with conflict. My son has been given the tools to communicate his feelings and frustrations without immediately resorting to hitting or lashing out. We’ve seen evidence at home that he is thinking more before he acts. He has also become more sensitive to the needs of others and is starting to realize the impact his behaviour can have on others and how this affects friendships. Thank you.” Parent, P3 Flora Stevenson 2018

I learnt about relaxing and trusting each other and how to be a good friend” P5 Stockbridge pupil 2016

“I have learned from the workshops to not be afraid to share your feelings” P3/4 Stockbridge pupil 2017

“Specific individuals gained considerably and there was an impact on both behavior and confidence. The PSA noted a difference in the behavior of the pupils…I would recommend it to any school as the difference is tangible…Our school has 75 per cent EAL and 1 in 3 of our pupils are in child poverty. This is not an easy place to start but it’s testament to Fiona and the team that it more than succeeded” Head Teacher Grant Gillies

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for people willing to go into schools and facilitate sessions with the children. At the moment we are looking for facilitators in Glasgow and Edinburgh. However, you need to apply to become a trainne, and the first step is to attend one of our training courses.

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Read our December 2019 PeaceBuilders Programme Evaluation Report here.

Our July 2018 Programme Evaluation Report is available here.

A comprehensive outline of the programme is available here.

Schools interested in hosting the programme are invited to contact us. Please email our programme Coordinator Fiona Oliver-Larkin at coopgames[at] or phone Phone: 07599749299


We are reliant on grant funding and donations from the public to keep this important project going.

If you would prefer to donate offline, please send a cheque, made payable to ‘Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre’ to: Peace and Justice, c/o St. John’s Church, Princes Street, EH2 4BJ.

The Peacebuilding for Schools Programme is funded by grants from Network for Social Change, Pumphouse Trust, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Anglican Pacifist Fellowship, Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre legacies and individual donations.   

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