So You Want To Join Our Team?

We welcome people to join our team who fit the experience criteria we are looking for in a facilitator, and who resonate with our purpose & values and want to put energy to integrating and embodying them with us through our agreements/systems. We ask that you self select your “fit” according to these before applying to attend the new facilitator training. We will then review your application and invite you to a training.


  • Experience working with children
  • Able to work to own initiative while also staying within group agreements
  • Experience in holding groups / facilitation

Purpose & Values, Agreements

Facilitator embodiment of our purpose & values and agreements for how we work is vital in delivering a consistent and integrated programme. Our experience of building our team has also shown us that when we are aligned with one another in these ways, it is easier and more enjoyable to work and grow together. 

Before attending our new facilitator training we ask that you read our purpose & values and agreements to decide whether this is a team environment that inspires you and which you want to contribute to.

Please read our Organisational Foundations >> Here <<

Once you have read these and if you decide you want to continue on to the Trainee Facilitator Training, these will be the next steps. You:


  • “Apply” at the link below and wait to hear back.
  • Then receive (a couple of weeks before the training) a copy of the “Trainee Facilitator Manual”, which gives information about the structure of the programme, the trainee facilitator journey, and is to be read before the training – so you know what is being referred to.
  • Attend the training. You will receive:
    • An initial exposure to the PeaceBuilders model
    • Practical grounding in facilitating learning through cooperative games
    • A chance to meet and learn with experienced facilitators
    • An entry-way into further PeaceBuilders trainings
    •  And if you decide to continue, subject to availability and scheduling with schools, you will be offered an 8 week volunteer placement in an Edinburgh Primary School working alongside one of our more experienced facilitators one afternoon per week.


The rest of the facilitator journey will be detailed in the Trainee Facilitator Manual. 

We ask a £30 donation towards the training (or give what you can) payable at the training. This fee can be requested to be returned at the end of the 8 week volunteer placement.

>> Apply Here <<

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