Think Globally Act Locally

on cauldhall moorThe fact that the world is facing a climate crisis is now, after Typhoon Haiyan,  surely evident to all. But will world leaders take action? The Filipino delegation to the UN climate talks in Poland have embarked on a fast to underline the immense, immediate needs facing the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and the urgent need for international action to drastically reduce carbon emisssions.  And will be bringing thousands on thousands of messages of solidarity with Philippines climate leaders from around the world to the halls of the UN climate talks. Their team in Warsaw will deliver the messages alongside the Philippines delegation later this week.  Click here to sign the petition and send a wake up call message on behalf of the Philippines.
Meanwhile, right here in Edinburgh there is an opportunity to take action to stop a massive amount of carbon emissions. 10 million tons of Coal are sitting under Cauldhall Moor. And Hargreaves want to dig it up and burn it. If you are free come along to support Stop Cauldhall Open Cast demo tomorrow at Midlothian Council HQ (Tuesday) at 1pm, Buccleuch St, Dalkeith. The Council is set to approve an application by Hargreaves for an Open Cast Coal Mine just outside Edinburgh (and 1.5km from my house! on Cauldhall Moor. Read Rob Edwards account in today’s Herald  here and this story in the Evening News and for lots more info check out  If Midlothian is to meet its statutory obligation to do its bit to reduce Carbon emissions and prevent climate catastrophe it must turn this application down. Think Globally and Act Locally!


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