Pancakes for Peace – 28th February 2017

Are you planning on having Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday this year?Why not invite some friends and neighbours around celebrate together with our free resource? Or if you don’t fancy cooking, you can print it out and take it to pancake night at the local pub. It includes ideas for prayer & action, plus a recipe for vegan pancakes.  Check it out and start thinking about what toppings you’d like to have.

Don’t forget to tweet your pictures @forpeacemaker using #PancakesForPeace.

Quiz (answers on reverse):

1. How many pancakes could we make with the cost of replacing Trident, Britain’s nuclear arsenal?

2. What is the fastest someone has completed a marathon whilst flipping a pancake?

3. How many words can you find using the letters in SHROVE TUESDAY?

4. Are you doing anything different for Lent this year?

5. How easy is it to write to your MP about the upcoming Nuclear Ban Treaty negotiations in March?

Find out more information here: Pancakes for Peace – 28th February 2017

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