Nepal Earthquake Appeal from P&J Management Committe member Varsha Gyawali

Dear friends of the Edinburgh Peace and Justice,

On April 25 2015, a massive earthquake of 7.9 magnitude hit various parts of Nepal. My family is safe but millions of Nepali people were not that fortunate. Beside the destruction of historical heritage sites, the death toll is already nealry 8000 and is expected to go up as search and rescue efforts are underway. The damage is predicted to be much higher in and around areas near to the epicenter, where entire villages have been reported to have perished. Over 14,000 are reportedly injured and are currently being treated in hospitals in the capital with limited means.

Humanitarian needs like food and water, medical support including personnel and medicines, search and rescue and temporary emergency shelters are the immediate necessity in the affected areas. As the magnitude of infrastructure devastation is still to be accessed, rebuilding will be a long drawn process.

We are making this appeal to you seeking monetary donations. Your donations will go to the local organizations that are working tirelessly to provide emergency support on the ground. Nepal is my hometown and now living so far away in Scotland, I feel helpless and want to help the people of my country in my best possible way.

Please donate generously and spread the word. We will provide you information on the allocation of funds at a later stage.

Thank you all for your support.

Varsha Gyawali   (EP&JC Management Committee Member)

Click the DONATE button on top right to donate. Be sure to put Nepal Earthquake Appeal in the Purpose field.

You can also donate by sending a cheque to us at the address below. Cheques should be made out to Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre and marked “Nepal Earthquake Appeal”. Alternatively you can donate by bank transfer to Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre, Bank of Scotland A/C No. 00207018 Sort Code 80-11-30 or in person at the Centre.

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