Ask Your MSPs to Call on Scottish Government to Recognise International Conscientious Objectors Day

Alison Johnstone MSP (Scottish Greens) has lodged a motion calling on Scottish Parliament to recognise International Conscientious Objectors’ Day 15 May.
DSC_0233The Peace and Justice Centre is urging all who share our vision of a world where conflicts are resolved without recourse to violence to contact their constituency and regional MSPs and ask them to support Motion S4M-15865. We want to thank Alison Johnstone for putting forward this motion.
The full text of the motion is as follows:
Motion S4M-15865: Alison Johnstone, Lothian, Scottish Green Party, Date Lodged: 08/03/2016
Recognition of International Conscientious Objectors’ Day
support right to refuse to kill croppedThat the Parliament believes that the centenary of the First World War reminds people of the huge cost to human life on all sides of conflicts; notes the desirability of the resolution of international disputes through negotiation and peaceful means; recalls that more than 16,000 individuals refused military service in the First World War and that more than 60,000 refused in the Second World War, sometimes at great cost to themselves and their families, facing vilification in their communities, harsh conditions in prison and even death; recognises what it considers their courageous stance in refusing to take part in wars or preparations for war; recalls that conscientious objection to military service is recognised as a human right by the UN; considers that conscientious objectors and opponents of the First World War laid foundations for peace-building, the promotion of human rights and peaceful means of the resolution of conflicts; notes that the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow have granted public space to memorials to conscientious objectors, and calls on the Scottish Government to recognise International Conscientious Objectors’ Day in Scotland on 15 May, in this year and in all years, so that Scotland can be a beacon for peace and justice. The motion has so far been supported by: John Finnie, Drew Smith, Patrick Harvie and Jean Urquhart.Please contact your constituency and list MSPs and ask them to support Motion S4M-15865.To Find Your MSP please click here to visit the Scottish Parliament website Find Your MSP page where you can search by post code. There is a link for each MSP to email them as well as full contact details.The motion supplements the ongoing campaign for a memorial to conscientious objectors and people who oppose wars in Edinburgh. More information on the Edinburgh CO Memorial project can be found here.

Please note that everyone in Scotland has a Constituency MSP and seven Regional MSPs. You can then send each of them an email or letter. 

The motion will be open for signatures until the end of this Parliamentary session Wednesday 23 March. 

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