JOIN the Twitterstorm Friday 22 Jan celebrating the Nuclear Ban Treaty!

This Friday (22nd Jan) campaigners across the globe will be celebrating the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) entering into force, making nukes illegal under international law. To bring our message to a wider audience, ICAN Partners and supporters in the UK will be taking to social media to create a Twitterstorm.

WE NEED YOU to TWEET using the new Hashtag. Here’s how to get involved.

  • From 11am-1.30pm on 22nd January ICAN UK Partners will introduce the new #NukesOutUK hashtag which we will try to get trending via 2.5 hours of intensive activity.  This hashtag can be used in combination with #nuclearban,  which ICAN groups internationally will be using throughout the day.
  • It is important that we do not use the #NukesOutUK in advance of 11am on the 22nd January – because Twitter favours novel hashtags that have not previously appeared.
  • Don’t over use other hashtags. Twitters guidance is that ‘One to two relevant hashtags per Tweet is the sweet spot’.
  • Please tweet your own messages of support during this time OR just copy and paste text below.
  • Include @GovUK and @BorisJohnson in the tweet to call on UK to Join the Treaty
  • Follow #nuclearban and #NukesOutUK and RETWEET as many tweets as you can.
  • If you add a short comment be sure to again include #NukesOutUK in your comment.
  • Follow us @PeaceJusticeSco (Note our NEW Twittter NAME) and @nuclearban and ICAN partners, @ICAN_UK, @ScottishWILPF @GCOMSUK, @banthebomb, @TridentPlough, @Medact and @cnduk and Retweet our Tweets.
  • Below are graphics that you are welcome to use. Tweets with graphics, photos are more likely to be retweeted.
  • Make a very short video of yourselves . Make a wee poster with words such as “Nuclear Weapons Always Immoral Now Illegal #NukesOutUK on the poster and shout “Nuclear Weapons are banned today!” and cheer.
  • Lots of people will be ringing belss to announce the treaty. If you are Ringing Bells make a wee poster and take a photo or video and share it. Include the hashtag.
  • If you’d like to create your own ‘memes’ICAN have created a range of templates to get you started using Canva a simple online design tool – you’ll need to register for a free account. They’ve also included these useful instructions for getting started.
  • Use the hashtag when sharing links to other related content – not all new on that day, but another way of getting readers’ interest.

Here is suggested text for a Tweet you can simply Copy and Paste and tweet with one of the images below.

1 Trident sub firing 1/3rd of its nukes would plunge world into nuclear winter. #ClimateChange would happen overnight. Crops would fail. Billions would starve. It’s time to stop putting humanity & planet at risk. Time for @GOVUK to join the #Nuclear Ban #NukesOutUK @BorisJohnson

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