Which Way Forrit for Scotland?

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Brexit looms. NATO has its 70th anniversary in April and its future is under question. The European Union is growing its military ambitions with PESCO and the European Army project. A second Scottish independence referendum is on the cards. We need to be giving serious thought to the interlocking of all these developments and what the options are for peace-building. Here’s a chance to do begin to do so.

Scottish CND invites you to join the discussion of these topics with an impressive European panel; Ann Patterson (Belfast Peace People – Nobel Laureate), Roger Cole (Irish Peace and Neutrality), David Webb (CND UK, Keep Space 4 Peace) and Anne Palm (Wider Security Network Finland). Check out their biographies below.

Join in at one of these meetings:

Tuesday 12th February – 7:00pm – Yes Hub 31 Lasswade Road, Edinburgh, EH16 6TD

Wednesday 13th February – 6:30pm – Glasgow Quaker Meeting House, Elmbank Crescent Glasgow G2 4PS

Thursday 14th February – 7:30pm – Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL

Ann Patterson

The accidental and brutal death in Belfast of a family’s children was the catalyst in 1976 for the founding of the Peace People, and the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize for an immeasurable contribution to the process leading to the Good Friday Agreement, which curtailed a terrible period of hostility and violence. Many fear that agreement is threatened in the context of the UK Government’s Brexit. Ann has been part of this process, and in addition to her pragmatic activity in very charged situations in her homeland, she has travelled along with Mairead Maguire around the world, from papal audience to the demilitarised zone that divides Korea, offering counsel for peace.

Anne Palm

The executive director of the Wider Security Network (WISE), a network in Finland with the strategic goal of encouraging public analytical discussion regarding the practical meanings of human and broad security. The board, made up of 8 NGO-members and 9 members of Parliament, works with civil servants, researchers, journalists and individuals to advance dialogues well as practical activity on common projects. Anne previously worked as the Operations Officer for the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) on its special Monitoring Mission in the Ukraine from 2014-2015.

Roger Cole

Chair of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) which advocates Irish Neutrality and oppses the use of Shannon Airport by the US military. PANA seeks a reformed United Nations as the institution through which Ireland should pursue its security concerns, and is affiliated to the Peace and Human Rights Network. Roger has represented PANA at the hearings of the sub-committee on Ireland’s Future in the European Union and on related matters to the National Government of Ireland, particularly focusing on the treaties and activities that extend EU powers in security and military alliances. With PANA, Roger woks to bring together like-minded groups in Europe, and to co-operate with similar groups throughout the world.

Dave Webb

A Member of the World Beyond War Coordinating Committee and Chair of the UK Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), as well as Vice President of the International Peace Bureau (IPB) and the Convener of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. Dave is Emeritus Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Leeds Beckett University (previously Leeds Metropolitan University). Dave is well known to Scottish campaigners through CND UK and his frequent visits, including his valuable contribution to the Nae Nukes programme of meetings in September, and is quietly kenspecjle in Jeju and Okinawa and New York’s UN building.

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