‘That’s Not Okay’ Workshop

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‘That’s Not Okay’ Workshop:
Standing up for our values on the street,
at work, in our groups and at home.  

Sat 26 May. 10am – 2pm.
David Hume Tower. LG.07, George Square.
With Mil Rai and Emily Johns,
Editors of Peace News. 
 In association with Peace & Justice.    We don’t always know what to do when we are face to face with people saying or doing things that are abusive, oppressive, or morally wrong.

These kinds of situations come up in lots of different parts of our lives, including in activist groups and at work. We’ll be practising how to deal better with things that violate our values – this may include racist or sexist behaviour. When this behaviour targets other people, and we’re witnessing it, taking positive action is sometimes called ‘bystander intervention’.

This half-day nonviolence workshop with Milan Rai and Emily Johns from Peace News is about building our confidence and our skills, pooling the wisdom of the group, and allowing us all to take a step towards being more assertive about our moral values.

Peace News will be organising a weekend ‘nonviolent resistance’
gathering in the next 12 months. For more info on this visit:

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