Ring Bells to Announce the Entry into Force of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

Event Details

Ring Bells to Announce the arrival of the TPNW! 
Some Churches around the UK will be ringing bells on 22nd January  to announce the good news that nuclear weapons are banned! You can help by inviting your church or faith community to ring bells. Peace & Justice patron Bishop John Armes has invited Episcopal churches in the Edinburgh area to do this where possible given the Covid situation. Some churches will ring hand bells out on the street. Individuals are invited to ring bells or bang on pots and pans at 12noon on the day to mark the occasion.

We invite you to get out there and bang those pots and pans to let your neighbours know about this historic event. Take a selfie with a handmade poster and post on social media with #nuclearban & Tag @edinpandj and we will Retweet and help spread the word. 

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