Resisting Whiteness 2019: Anti-Racist Action in the UK

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Join us for our second Resisting Whiteness Conference; a one-day event consisting of talks and workshops centred on anti-racist action. You can find our website by following this link:


Following the inaugural sold out conference last year, Resisting whiteness is back to understand the importance of anti-racist action in the UK, and to facilitate radical organising. For our second conference we will explore the following questions through panel discussion, workshops and performance:

How has austerity affected crucial resources for women and gender non-conforming people of colour, and what are the interpersonal struggles that exist within these indispensable organisation? What abolitionist methods, outlooks and tactics are currently challenging existing systems of criminalisation, incarceration and detention? What does it mean to be a queer and/or trans person of colour in a society that frequently does not want to see us?

Audience members will be joined by a mis of activists, academics, writers and artists (many of whome cross all those boundaries).

A full programme of events and speakers for 2019 will be announced shortly.

Past speakers have included Jackie Kay, Rianna Walcott, Dr. Erica McInnis, Guilaine Kinouani, Layla-Roxanne Hill, Jacob V Joyce, Reeta Loi and Amal Azzudin.


We want to make this event as accessible as possible and therefore have free tickets available for those who would like to attend, but may have financial restrictions. We are also fund-raising to cover the costs of the conference, so if you are able and would like to donate money in the form of a paid ticket you have three options:

You can choose to support the conference with a donation by purchasing a stand £5 ticket.

You may also purchase a £10 ticket, which includes the standard ticket price plus a ‘pay-it-forward’ donation that will cover the cost of a ticket for another attendee.

Lastly you can purchase a £20 supporter ticket which covers the cost of a standard ticket and will also go towards our speakers’ fees.

An eventbrite booking fee will be added onto the cost of a paid ticket. You may also purchase your ticket without the online booking fee by visiting the Lighthouse bookshop and booking in person.

You can also give a donation of your chooing via the Resisting whiteness paypal:


The Pleasance Theatre is wheelchair accessible, as are the workshop rooms we will be using. There will be a quiet break-out space available on the day, where we will have books and stim toys available.

We will have a family-friendly space and breast/chest-feeding is welcomed at the conference.

We currently do not have plans for BSL provision due to budget restrictions, but if you need an interpreter, please reach out by September 5th and we’ll do our very best to arrange this.

Please read our Safer Spaces Policy before booking a ticket.

Please don’t hestitae to get in touch to let us know how we can make this even as welcoming and accessible as we can for you:


Based in Edinburgh, Resisting Whiteness is a non-for-profit grassroots organisation of QTPOC activists with the common goal of discussing and facilitating anti-racist action.

Although we have created the Facebook event for the conference, Lighthouse are supports of the conference, not the organisers. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

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