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From the Now Scotland Facebook page:
The Now Scotland Day of Action was 94% passed by the membership in a poll following the recent Assembly.
“Now Scotland resolves to call a day of action across Scotland on Saturday 1st May to mobilise the expression of the huge support for independence, which is the sustained majority position of the people of Scotland.
We also call upon international supporters across the world to show their solidarity as part of this day of action which will include campaigning activities that are consistent with the Covid19 safety restrictions at the time.”
NOW IS THE TIME to mobilise for a National Day of Action on 1st May, for an end to the Union and the restoration of Scottish Independence.
The 1st May is May Day, the day the 1707 Act of Union took effect, and also International workers day- so the choice of date for the Now Scotland Day of Action is extremely significant.
Now Scotland looks forward to engaging with Yes groups and Pro Indy orgs across the country towards organising a day of action for Independence Now.
Day of Action for Independence on Sat May 1st
Calling ALL indy supporters to get involved in campaigning activities to raise support for independence across every town and city in Scotalnd. We are working with other local and national Yes organisations to make the day a big success..
10 activities that YOU can organise as part of Day of Action. These are all within the current Covid restriction guidelines.
1. Take selfie and share on social media
2. Put a poster in your windae for Indy
3. Banner drop for indy on your local local bridge.
Ideas for Banners –
-Support Independence – Scrap Trident
-Support Independence – Stop Climate Change
-Support Independence – End Poverty and Low Pay
4. Twitter storm for Indy at 12pm on May 1st- why you support Indy
5. Hold a workplace meeting of Indy supporters on zoom
6. Write a letter to local and national press – Its Scotland’s right to decide
7. Get your local YES group to organise a local event /activity and share it
8. Ask a friend, family member or a work mate to join Now Scotland
9. Organise a cycle ride with friends and highlight the need to stop climate chaos
10. Join the Now Scotland Online Rally on Sat 1st May – Why we need to Break up Britain
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