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Event is hosted by Extinction Rebellion UK. From the event’s Facebook page:
Muslims Views on Civil Disobedience – Muslims Talk Climate Science
Welcome to Extinction Rebellion Muslims Ramadan webinars. Every Sunday, we will meet at 2 PM to share our experiences of climate activism together with guest speakers from the Muslim community in the UK and abroad. Join this informative and engaging Ramadan talk.
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In this talk, we will discuss Muslims approaches to political activism and if and how the hostile political environment is preventing some Muslims from being more engaged in activism. We will also discuss how non-violent direct action intersects with the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, the Muslim duty to stand up against oppression and injustice and whether there is space for Muslim voices within Extinction Rebellion.
Valentina Maccario is a law graduate, with an interest in issues surrounding social and environmental justice. Since graduating, she has worked and volunteered in the NGO, refugee, and health sector, both abroad in Cambodia, France, and Peru, and more locally supporting with casework and outreach for refugees, asylum seekers, and individuals facing homelessness. She volunteers with XR Muslims and with Wisdom in Nature, an organisation weaving together Islamic ecology and Permaculture.
Imagine you are stopped at the airport by police officers and asked to hand over your laptop and phone and disclose your passwords to them. What would you do if you knew that you could be arrested if you failed to comply? Western democracies are increasingly resorting to powers at borders to force the disclosure of passwords to devices and social media accounts – usually without any warrant or suspicion. Muhammad Rabbani, the International Director of leading NGO CAGE known for uncovering Western complicity in torture cases, found himself in this predicament and instead of surrendering, he refused, was arrested and then taken to court. He was threatened with a 3-month prison sentence, but he maintained his innocence, as he was protecting over 35,000 pages of sensitive evidence entrusted to him by a torture survivor.
Jac Scollen is a representative of XR workers and currently holds a seat in the national strategy assembly. She has been an active member of XR since November 2018. She is a Media Producer and Community Developer with experience developing participatory community programmes and connecting organisations to the voices of the communities they serve. Jac hails from the mining communities of the Northeast so if she uses words you haven’t heard before, please ask!
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