Climate Jobs Bloc at May Day

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Join our climate jobs bloc at Edinburgh May Day march!

We need a just transition, a Green New Deal, a transformation of our economy with decent, green jobs at the heart.

Climate change is fundamentally a class issue. The world’s poorest feel the impacts the hardest, while the rich get the profits.

Workers have been in insecure employment and facing hazardous conditions in the fossil fuel economy for decades.

Communities across the world are right now feeling the devastating impacts of climate breakdown, such as the thousands who have lost their homes, livelihoods and lives in Cyclone Idai.

We have seen how workers in these industries can be dropped and disregarded by fossil fuel companies. We can’t allow this to happen again as we transition to a low carbon economy.

We march for a just transition and fair, secure, decent jobs in green industries for Scotland’s workers. And we march in solidarity whit those impacted by climate injustice and destructive fossil fuel projects across the world.

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