Challenging Military Recruitment of Youth

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Two short Films, Speakers and Discussion

Screening “Engage” Forces Watch film about Cadets in schools and Woodcraft Folk campaign against it.

Screening Quaker film “The Unseen March” that outlines the UK government,s concerted campaign to improve its image – from Armed Forces Day events annually to the expansion of the Cadets programmes.

With Armed Forces Day events happening all across the country, this Saturday and next, where kids will be once again encouraged to play with automatic weapons we are hosting a Film & discussion event.
The government and the military are directing substantial resources to creating a positive image for the military and disseminating a narrative that portrays life in the military as fun and rewarding for young people who are faced with few other options for work where they can even earn a minimum wage while the reality is that for those recruited to the military at age 16 or 17 there is a far greater chance of experiencing PTSD, homelessness, alcohol and drug problems, suicide and more.
That’s why we need to take action to challenge this disturbing militarization of young people. And it’s why we need you to get involved. This meeting will be a chance not just to hear about the issue from others but also an opportunity to share ideas and plan action. So Please save the Date, and JOIN and SHARE the event on Facebook!


Jay Sutherland, founder of Scotland Against Militarism Campaign

Rhianna Louise from Forces Watch by Skype Link

Mairi Campbell-Jack, Quaker Scotland Parliamentary Liaison

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