Banning Nuclear Weapons – Smashing the Patriarchy 

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Banning Nuclear Weapons 

Smashing the Patriarchy 

An Evening with Ray Acheson.

How the nuclear ban treaty was won

22 March. 7pm.  Online. 

We are delighted to join with Scottish ICAN partners to welcome Ray Acheson (Director, Reaching Critical Will: WILPF) to Scotland (virtually, of course!) for an evening of conversation and readings from her upcoming book: Banning the Bomb, Smashing the Patriarchy (Rowman & Littlefield, June 2021).
On 22 January 2021, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons came into force. In the words of ICAN’s first staff member, Felicity Ruby, in her book “Acheson tells the story of seven decades of activism transforming an impossible dream into international law.”
The book offers a look inside the antinuclear movement and the recent successful campaign to ban the bomb — from scrappy organising to winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 and achieving a landmark UN Treaty banning nuclear weapons.
For all of us in Scotland who campaigned so hard for the Treaty, and who know we still have so much work to do to rid our country & our world of nuclear weapons, this evening promises to be a timely moment to reflect on how far we have already come, and to gain courage and inspiration for our next challenge.
Banning the Bomb, Smashing the Patriarchy: An Evening with Ray Acheson is hosted by Scottish & UK ICAN Partners: WILPF, Scottish CND, Medact Scotland, UN House Scotland, Peace & Justice, and Trident Ploughshares.
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