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Angie Zelter in conversation with Paul Rogers about her new book reflecting on a life dedicated to activism and nonviolent protest.

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For over four decades, Angie Zelter has campaigned for a greener, fairer and safer world.

Join Paul Rogers, professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University in conversation with Angie for an International Women’s Day event to launch her new book Activism for Life, a memoir reflecting on a life dedicated to activism and nonviolent protest.

Her remarkable account of her campaigning life shares some of the lessons she has learnt from her actions in many different countries. Heartfelt but clear, Activism for Life includes personal insights into mobilising for effective, sustainable nonviolent protest actions, dealing with security, police and courts and how seemingly different issues are actually closely intertwined.


The conversation will be followed by a Q&A.

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ANGIE ZELTER has been an active campaigner for most of her life. She has designed and participated in nonviolent civil resistance campaigns and founded several innovative and effective campaigns. Her protests have been for a nuclear free world, that shares global resources equitably and sustainably while respecting human rights and the rights of other life forms. As a global citizen she has expressed her solidarity with movements all over the world. This has led to numerous arrests, court appearances and incarceration. Angie has been arrested around 200 times, mostly in the UK, and in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Gran Canaria, Holland, Israel/Palestine, Malaysia, Poland and South Korea. She has spent over two years in total in prison awaiting trials on remand or serving sentences. All for nonviolent resistance protests. The author of several books, she is the recipient of the 1997 Sean McBride Peace Prize (for the Seeds of Hope Ploughshares action), the 2001 Right Livelihood Award (on behalf of Trident Ploughshares) and the Hrant Dink Prize in 2014. She continues to actively confront the abuses of corporations, governments and the military.

PROFESSOR PAUL ROGERS is Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University. He lectures on changing drivers of international conflict with particular interests in the Middle East and parliamentary violence, and also has a long-term research interest in the interaction between socioeconomic marginalisation, climate disruption and security. Paul has written/edited 30 books and over 150 papers and book chapters and is a regular broadcaster on radio and TV networks worldwide, averaging at least 150 interviews a year for more than 30 years. He also writes a weekly column on international affairs for openDemocracy and a monthly analysis on international security issues for Oxford Research Group.

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