Be There, Be in the Square Saturday! And at the Gates of Faslane Monday

Thousands expected on Demo Saturday 13 April

Scotland has unhappily hosted nuclear weapons for 50 years. Let’s send a
message to the world this weekend. The people of Scotland don’t want these
abominable nuclear weapons. Not in Scotland. Not in the UK. Not in the
world. Help send that message. If everyone of us gets one or two more
people to come along we will fill Glasgow’s George Square.

Assemble in George Square at 10:15am, march at 10:45 and return to George
Square for a rally from 11:45am til 1:15pm. In addition to the Trades
Unionists, community based campaigners and MSPs previously announced, we
will hear from EIS President Susan Quinn and Marion Nesbit from the
Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation.

With Maggie Thatcher’s funeral scheduled for next week the moment is right
to challenge her legacy. Along with massive unemployment and devastation
to communities, especially in Scotland Maggie brought Cruise missiles to
Greenham and gave Scotland Trident. Now David Cameron wants to bring us
Son of Trident. Last week the present PM was in the news standing astride
a Trident Submarine in the Clyde declaring that we need nuclear weapons to
make us secure.

Let’s channel the anger at Thatcher’s legacy and resist Trident. Come to
the NVDA training and consider moving from protest to nonviolent
resistance to the government’s plans to spend ¬£3Billion annually on
Trident for 50 more years. If you have not yet registered do it now. If
you have not yet booked your place on a bus to Faslane for the blockade on
Monday email and book it now.

Our blockade will be one of hundreds around the world Monday, the Global
Day of Action Against Military Spending. Let’s insist that our government
channel those funds to the people who need them instead of the behemoth US
arms manufacturer Lockheed.

The Mass Blockade of Faslane where Trident is based starts at 7am Monday
15 April.  Full details of how to book are at

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