Activists Ballot Shoppers on Trident Replacement

On Saturday 10th August the Gareloch Horties, a Trident Ploughshares affinity group set up a stall to ballot shoppers at Cameron Toll in Edinburgh’s south side. This is an area where the Axe the Bedroom Tax campaign is active and the local Labour MP, Sheila Gilmore, has opposed the Welfare Reform Bill in the UK parliament.  How would you spend 100 billion pounds?

The peace activists offered passers-by  mock 100 billion pound notes and invited them to choose how to spend this sum.
One ballot box read ‘RENEW TRIDENT NUCLEAR WEAPONS’ and the other
145 people voted….137 for Welfare, 7 for renewal of Trident, 1 split
the money. Many people said, ‘There’s no question, is there ?’
The results have been sent to Sheila Gilmore to ask her to represent
these in parliament.  The Gareloch Horties will continue to focus on
making the links between the forthcoming referendum and the
opportunity to move Scotland away from militarism to a peaceful land,
leading the world in the disarmament process.

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