Emergency appeal to help people rescued from Mosul

Edinburgh Direct Aid is making an emergency appeal to help people who have been rescued from Mosul. With the collapse of ISIS in the city, many now live in very basic camps  in the scorching desert outside the city. EDA visited in June this year, at the request of local volunteers. They agreed with the local Kurdish charity working there that one thing they could do was help some of the many hundreds, possibly thousands, of children who have no parents or family to look after them.

 They are appealing for help to set up a children’s centre. This will be a safe and secure place to sleep, a play area and a classroom where education and safe play can be provided.
EDA is providing and helping to kit out this accommodation, which will open on 19 August
For further information please see  https://www.edinburghdirectaid.org/Iraq/MosulEscapees.htm , which shows you how to donate money and also lists some of the items which EDA is wanting to take with them to Mosul.
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