Divestment from the Arms Trade

Campaigning for Divestment from the Arms Trade

11699009_1251436314882508_5979588377817195064_oWe have teamed up with Edinburgh Campaign Against the Arms Trade to call on the Lothian Pensions Fund to divest from arms companies. Peace & Justice Centre Coordinator Brian Larkin testified at the Petitions Committee (testimony starts at 8 minutes) of Edinburgh City Council.

We met with Lothian Pensions Fund CEO and Fund Managers to put forward the case for divseting from arms on ethical grounds. LPF have made clear they have no intention to do so despite their being signed on to the Principles for Responsible Investment and the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Guidlines. They pointed out that Edinburgh Council represents only about 20% of LPF and assured us that they are diligent in applying ethical standards. They honestly believe that they are doing the right thing.

We will take part in a joint delegation with Edinburgh CAAT to the Edinburgh City Council Pensions Committee to make the case that they should call on the LPF to divest from armaments.

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