Join the Twitterstorm calling on Boris Johnson to Defund War

Peace & Justice is collaborating with partners from the Global Campaign on Military Spending UK on a Twitterstorm for Monday 30 November at 2pm.

Help send a strong message to Boris Johnson that increasing military spending by more than 10% is unacceptable while cutting foreign aid and while hundreds of thousands of people across the UK are forced to line up at food banks just to feed their families.

You can go to @edinpandj and share our pinned tweet or share your own tweet using the hashtag #UKDefundWar on Monday 30 November at exactly 2pm. 

Here’s a suggested message:

The pledge to increase UK military spending by £24 billion in the midst of COVID-19, economic and climate crises is a deeply damaging and worrying decision. A new arms race does not make us safe. #UKDefundWar 

Here are a couple of images you can download and include with your tweet.



Feel free to write your own tweet just be sure to include #DefundWar in your tweet. Visit this page on the GCOMS website to read statements from several of the UK wide peace groups responding to the announcement of increased military spending.

If you aren’t free at 2pm you can schedule your tweet. 

Also, it helps to build the twitterstorm further by retweeting other tweets using the hashtag and to Retweet with Comment and engage in the conversation. To do that in Twitter search #UKDefundWar, and find tweets there that you want to retweet. You can retweet as much as you want.

By taking part in this twitterstorm, you can help to spread the anti-militarist message far and wide. It is important that the hashtag isn’t used ahead of Monday at 2pm, as that could reduce the chances of it trending on Twitter and reaching new audiences.

A meme will be prepared by GCOMS on Friday. Feel free to make adjustments and variations to the messaging, but make sure to use the unique #UKDefundWar hashtag, since the same hashtag needs to be used by everyone for this to stand a chance of becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

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