Engage your MP on Nationality and Borders Bill: Support Refugees and Asylum Seekers

As part of the Together with Refugees coalition we are calling for a more compassionate and effective approach to immigration. The government is proposing to make it much more difficult for people to claim asylum here in the UK.

Here are resources for you to use to advocate on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers as the Nationality and Borders Bill goes through key stages in the Commons and, before it goes to the Lords.

1. Opposing differentiated treatment: Clause 11 in the Bill will have grave consequences for people fleeing war and persecution, creating two classes of refugees based not on their need for protection, but on the journeys they had to make to get here. 

Resources for engaging with your MP

It’s not too late to request a meeting with your MP as the Bill will come back to the House of Commons, hopefully with some helpful amendments. We’re working with coalition members behind the scenes to try and secure these. Here’s some links to materials to support your efforts to engage your MP.

We are making ourselves heard. It’s a long road, but thanks to all your perseverance and dedication we are making progress.  

So we can build an overall picture, please do let us know about any contact you’ve had with your MP by answering these few questions.

Social media and your MP

If you have a meeting with your MP whether it’s on Zoom or in person, please see if your MP is open to you posting on social media:

  1. A photo of them and you;
  2. A photo of them with an orange heart;
  3. A quote from them supporting changes to the Bill.

Better still see if they would post from their own social media account.

In this folder you can find some gifs summarising our call for a more compassionate approach to supporting refugees, celebrity quotes and suggested tweets, that you may like to use to support your efforts engaging with your MPs. Here’s a tweet for you to retweet.

6 December 2021

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