Call on UK to Stop Arming Saudi War on Yemen

US President Joe Biden has stopped “offensive” arms sales to Saudi Arabia. But the British government is continuing to sell arms and provide support without which the Saudi coalition would not be able to continue its war on Yemen. British jets and bombs – including bombs made in Scotland – have been used to in bombing killing over 230,000 people, including over 9,000 civilians, and created the largest humanitarian crisis on earth.

1. Call on the government to stop all arms sales, maintenance and crucial logistical support to Saudi Arabia. 

Sign the petition to UK government here.

2. Ask your MP to call on the UK government to stop all arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE including maintenance and crucial logistical support,  increase humanitarian aid to Yemen and press Saudi Arabia and UAE to implement a ceasefire and negotiate a peace agreement.”

Email your MP

 British Armed Forces personell have been directly involved in targetting and other logistical support for hundreds of bombing runs, including those that have targetted civilians in schools, hospitals and weddings, often intentionally, with more than 9,000 civilians killed. 

The UK is now the largest enabler of the Saudis with over £6 billion worth of arms sales to Saudi forces since the war began. It’s clear that the intransigence of those in power in Westminster is unconscienable greed. But the UK government is now isolated. 

Together we can stop this war. 


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