Yer Tea’s Oot

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Yer Tea’s Oot is a evening of entertainment for nuclear disarmament and will have some comedy , music and a premiere of the latest short film starring renowned Scottish actor David Hayman.

Tickets for this event are 14 pounds – however if you are going with your pal or partner – a two tickets for the price of one offer is available

Tickets are likely to be in big demand – so here is information about the various ways you can about getting tickets for Yer Tea’s Oot –

1 Booking online – at

2 By phoning – 0131 558 9005

3 In person – by going into the New Town Centre at 96 George Street Edinburgh EH2 3DH


If you want to take advantage of the two tickets for one offer – you can only do so through going online

When you go online and you are prompted enter code CND 2018

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