Working Together for a Just Future

Come find out how we can campaign for Climate Justice in Scotland. Across the globe multi-national companies are destroying our planet by squeezing as much money for themselves from mineral extraction with no regard for the dangers of Climate Change and the permanent destruction of ecosystems.

As Allah’s Khalifahs for the Earth it is our responsibility to safeguard the future of the environment so that it continues to support a healthy life for humans, animals and plants.

As multi-million dollar corporations threaten to destroy and damage the country with dangerous fracking and mineral extraction we can demand a stop to this like other successful campaigners.

Our Scottish government must invest in renewable energy instead of fossil fuel based ones.

Nuclear weapons like Trident must be scrapped. There is no place for Weapons of Mass Destruction in a future Scotland.

Skilled workers can be trained into new jobs so their careers are safe.

We can educate ourselves about choices we make as consumers and careers we pursue to make sure we are doing the most we can to achieve Climate Justice. To find out more come to our meeting on Tuesday 22nd January.

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