Where is the power to win today?

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We urgently need to win – to stop climate catastrophe, defeat the far right, get rid of the tories, and to end wars, poverty and oppression. How do we get the power to do so?

Marx pointed to the working class as having interests and potential power to end capitalism. But what is the working class today? How have occupational changes affected power? What role can workplace and non-workplace struggles play? How does social reproduction (housing, education, health, care, etc) fit in? Even when working class people have potential power, how can we get the organisation and ideas to use it?

Come and join the discussion led by Ian Allinson (Socialist and former Unite General Secretary candidate).

Organised by Edinburgh rs21

Childcare: we are unable to have a separate creche but the room is a large one and there will be a part of the room available for children’s activities.

This is a free event – however if you can afford a donation to help with the cost of the room it would be very welcome – see eventbrite link below:


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