Nonviolent Communication: Foundational Skills and Principles

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Participate in the movement to build a culture of compassion, radical honesty and collaboration in Scotland.

The practice of Nonviolent Communication makes it easier for us to: create connection with others and ourselves even in the midst of conflict, make choices that are aligned with our values, understand why humans acts the way they do and find relief from this understanding, feel empowered to do what we want to do and care for others at the same time and deepen our interactions with others and foster collaboration.

The workshop will be collaborative at heart. Examples brought by participants will form the core of our work together. We will learn skills and principles applicable across life and workplace situation.

Cost: £175 for individuals paying for themselves

£195 if you can set the cost against tax

£195 for charitable organisations

£245 public sector orgs

£325 private sector orgs


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