Islamophobia, Far Right and Climate Denial

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Part of the Edinburgh World Justice Festival

Including speakers from:

  • Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh
  • Scottish Green Party
  • Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh

The continued global rise of far-right is a threat to us all, particularly to Muslims, and now to the planet itself. Climate change denial is a new battleground being opened by far-right populists around the world.

Trump is silencing US government scientists from speaking out, in the European Parliament the far-right block threatens to derail even the modest targets of the Paris Climate Agreement, here in Britain both UKIP and Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party are full on deniers of the scientific facts of climate change.

Similar conspiracy theories of Muslims setting up no go areas in parts of Britain, trying to impose Sharia Law are rapidly moving into mainstream beliefs.

Why do conspiracy theories, in opposition to scientific facts, and hatred of others go hand in hand for the far right?

Join our public meeting to find out how we can push back against the hate and organise to save both people and planet.

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