Conversations that Connect: Living with our gendered labels

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Boy or Girl? Blue or Pink? At birth we are given a label based on our obvious biology.

How does this labelling shape us? What is the impact of this labeling on our psychology, spirituality, sexuality and life choices? Does being labeled female in a patriarchal system have an impact? What about the impact on our relationships with one another with the same label and those with the ‘other’? Does it still serve us to think in this way and if not how do we talk about it differently from now on?

We are ready for more conversation that connect. We want to meet other women, discuss, laugh and cry as we share, explore and learn together.

We started a series of fearless conversation here in Scotland in December 2017 about intimacy, what our sexuality means to us, about who we are as women, lovers, sisters and partners. We want to find out our growing edges as we explore relationships that work for us that are rooted in love for self and others.

We want our freedom and our sexual, emotional and spiritual needs to be valued and to be met… come join us.

Whether you are in an intimate relationship or not all are welcome; all our relationships matter – those with family, with friends, with our planet. This is about intimacy and how to navigate it, with the support of other women.

We will be meeting in Edinburgh for the second of these conversation on Tuesday 3rd April, 7pm-9:30pm.

Address on booking. This is an informal event – there will be come wine AND we will be hosting the conversations so we ask for donations of £10 per person with a sliding scale of between £5 and £`15.

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