Averting Climate Disruption: What Now?

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Panel event on IPCC Special Report 1.5 Degree + recent research. 5pm for 5:30-7:30pm Wed 10 Oct at ECCI, Edinburgh EH1 1LE. Book via www.ipcc10oct.eventbrite.com

The IPCC Special Report 1.5 Degrees stresses importance of public engagement. The focus on conversations will be what citizens can / need to do and how policymakers might encourage action.

The focus of conversations at this event will be what citizens can / need to do and how policymakers might encourage action.

Organised for the MSc in Carbon Management, it is open to all others – at the University and across the city – interested to hear about the most recent climate science research and to fathom out what it means for Scotland.

Confirmed contributors include Dr Kasia Tokarska, post-doc in Gabi Hegerl Climate System Science group, School of GeoSciences and Dr Nadine Andrews, Visiting Researcher, Lancaster University Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business. The CMgt cohort will also contribute

Participants might be interested in the following reports. Of course it is not expected that you have read them all!

  • IPCC Special Report 1.5 – due for release by the IPCC on 8 October]
  • Reducing emissions in Scotland: 2018 Progress Report to Parliament – by UK CCC, 24 Sept 2018
  • Scottish Household Survey Topic Report: Climate Change 2017 – by Scottish Government, 4 Sept 2018
  • Changing behaviour in a changing climate – by Changeworks for Citizens Advice Scotland, Aug 2018
  • Quantifying the implications of the Parish Agreement: What role for Scotland? – by Tyndall Centre, Aug 2018


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