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The Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre has worked since 1980 to raise awareness of the complex causes of war and offer a vision of ways to create peace through nonviolence, conflict resolution, human rights, alternatives to war and ecological responsibility.

Nobel Peace Prize Co-Recipients

One of our main streams of work has been to promote nuclear disarmament. Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre is one of 468 partner organisations that collectively make up the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) who were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 for our work to promote the Ban Treaty. 

The Centre’s Aims, Values and Objectives


  1. save-calais-children-and-table

    To promote understanding of methods of conflict resolution, the maintenance of human rights, and the environmental conditions needed for a sustainable world order, doing so by the provision of an information and educational resource centre for the general public and for various charitable bodies that work in the same fields.

  2. To promote the above objects in a way which maintains ethnic, religious, gender and party political neutrality.


  • 12657858_1319718008054338_1109392971484064647_ononviolence
  • conflict resolution
  • alternatives to war
  • human rights
  • ecological responsibility


  1. To provide a welcoming, accessible and up-to-date resource base and meeting place for individuals, communities and organisations committed to our aims and value;
  2. To offer the co-ordination of activity in these fields where appropriate;
  3. To act as a catalyst for and promote new initiatives relating to our values;
  4. To educate the public regarding the causes of war and alternatives to it;
  5. To provide education in non-violent methods of creating a more just, peaceful and sustainable social order;
  6. To influence decision makers in support of our aims and values;
  7. To organise and promote relevant events and activities;
  8. To model the values of a peaceful and just society.

We are open Fridays from 10am to 4pm and all visitors are welcome.

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