Organisational Affiliation

The P&J collaborates with a variety of groups which have similar aims to ours and promotes the events and activities of organisations in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland with similar aims to ours through Peace & Justice News, on our website and in the Centre itself. To sustain this and make it more effective, organisations can affiliate to the Peace & Justice Centre. Benefits and terms of affiliation are: 

Organisations events and activities promoted by the Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre (P&J).

Events and activities promoted in Peace & Justice News, on our social media and included in published Community Events Calendar on the P&J website.

P&J  resources available (staff time to support relevant initiatives) to the extent possible depending on our capacity.

Space on P&J stalls at Festivals and other events.

Mailbox Facility (Suspended currently due to COVID).

P&J to collaborate with affiliates on organisation and promotion of events, activities and initiatives which would further our mutual aims.

Organisations would agree to support the Vision, Values and Mission of the P&J. Organisations must apply to affiliate. Acceptance of affiliation will be decided by the P&J  Management Committee.

The P&J reserves the right to terminate the affiliation of any organisational affiliate at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Suggested annual fee for small organisations to affiliate is £25. Larger organisations are requested to contribute more according to their means.

Our current affiliates are:

Edinburgh CAAT

Edinburgh CND

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Scotland

Trident Ploughshares

Conscience (Peace Tax Campaign)

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