Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre

Working in Scotland since 1980 to promote:

Nonviolence Conflict Resolution Human Rights Ecological Sustainability

Creating a Culture of Peace

Opposing War Memorial Edinburgh Campaign – Diary of Events
Cooperative Games and Conflict Resolution for Primary Schools Programme – Advocacy on Refugee Issues Campaigning for Nuclear Disarmament – Origami Cranes Project – Questioning Militarism – Mailbox facility for Centre Users – Postcards, badges and books available – Desk & meeting space available – Peace & Justice News

Coordinator: Brian Larkin Editor: Anelise Vaz Formatting: Anelise Vaz Cover Design: Angus Doyle Management Committee: Arthur Chapman (Chair), David Sommervell, Hilary Patrick, Judy Russell (Secretary), Michael Elm, Jan Benvie, Frank Thomas (Treasurer) Patrons: Bishop of Edinburgh John Armes, Joyce McMillan, Kathy Galloway, Prof. Toby Kelly  Interns: Anelise Vaz, Hsiao-Wei Chen. Volunteers:  Angus Doyle, Coady Johnston, Zozan Yaşar, Jill McClenning,. Origami Cranes Coordinators: Coady Johnson. Origami Cranes Project Volunteers: Margaret Ferguson-Burns, Frank Thomas. Peacebuilding Programme Development Coordinator: Emma Quayle Project Coordinator: Louise Smith, Cooperative Games Facilitators: Romina Mazzotta, Toni Dickson, Elsa Rodeck Fiona Oliver- Larkin. Trainee Facilitators: Jelena, Julia Fernandez.


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