Militarism, Climate Change, and Global Dissent

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Militarism, Climate Change, and Global Dissent. Friday 23,04 16:30 – 18:00 BST

A workshop on the intersection between militarism, the climate crisis and supression of protest at From the Ground Up Global Gathering.

Facilitator: Basav Sen. Institute for Policy Studies, US

Break out session presenters:

Environmental Impacts of the Military Sector: Brian Larkin, Peace & Justice (Scotland) Coordinator, Jane Tallents, Trident Ploughshares, Emilie McSwiggan, Scottish CND.

Arms Conversion / Defense Diversification. Dr. Stuart Parkinson, Scientists for Global Responsibility

The role of militarized suppression of dissent/protest and relationship to climate activism. Basav Sen. IPS

Corporate greed and the military profit-motive (Nick Buxton/TNI) 

Stopping a militarised climate future: The militarisation of societies, and the industrialisation of warfare, are major (and often hidden) causes of environmental damage and climate change. The concept of “security” is mixed up with usage of vast resources to make constant preparation for war and increase readiness to destroy the planet. From the carbon boot-print of military activity to the wider costs of conflict; from corporate greed to the role of militarized suppression of dissent – this session will look at the critical intersections between militarism and the climate crisis – and how these can be challenged. As one exacerbates and intensifies the other – it is ‘from the ground up’ that we resist; it is from the ground up that we take action.

This workshop is one of many as part of the From the Ground Up Global Gathering 22- 25 April organised by the COP26 Coalition.

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Organised by Peace & Justice Scotland, Scottish CND, Trident Ploughshares, Scientists for Global Responsibility, Arms Conversion / Defense Diversification Group, Institute for Policy Studies and Transnational Institute.

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