Organisational Affiliation

The P&J collaborates with a variety of groups which have similar aims to ours and promotes the events and activities of organisations in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland with similar aims to ours through our newsletter, on our website and in the Centre itself. To sustain this and make it more effective organisations can affiliate to the Peace and Justice Centre. Benefits and terms of affiliation are: 

Organisations events and activities to be promoted by the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre (EPJC).

Events and activities promoted in Peace and Justice News,on  Twitter and Facebook and included in our published Diary of events and Featured on PJC website.

EPJC resources available where possible (desk space, printing, staff time) to the extent possible.

Space on EPJC stall on Terrace of St John’s Church during the Just Festival & Crafts Festival where thousands of people pass by.

Mailbox Facility.

EPJC to collaborate with affiliates where agreed on organisation and promotion of events, activities and initiatives which would further our mutual aims.

Organisations would agree to support the Aims, Values and Objectives of the EPJC. Organisations would apply to affiliate. Acceptance of affiliation to be decided by the EPJC Management Committee.

The EPJC reserves the right to terminate the affiliation of any organisational affiliate at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Cost of affiliation is £25 suggested annual fee for small organisations. Larger organisations are requested to contribute more according to their means.

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