On Election Day last year Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya, Catholic Workers from Des Moines Iowa, set fire to heavy machinery being used to construct the Dakota Access pipeline. The two then destroyed empty pipeline valves, delaying construction for weeks. The two claimed responsibility for the sabotage in order to inspire more to take action.


“We are speaking publicly to empower others to act boldly, with purity of heart, to dismantle the infrastructures which deny us our rights to water, land and liberty. We, as civilians, have seen the repeated failures of the government, and it is our duty to act with responsibility and integrity, risking our own liberty for the sovereignty of us all.” – Jessica Reznicek


“Some may view these actions as violent, but be not mistaken. We acted from our hearts and never threatened human life nor personal property.


What we did do was fight a private corporation that has run rampantly across our country seizing land and polluting our nation’s water supply.”


– Ruby Montoya


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