The Economics of Killing

Report of Book Launch Tuesday 18th September.

Vijay Mehta discussed his book, ‘The Economics of Killing’, as reviewed in the last issue.  The talk was introduced by Arthur Chapman and chaired by Brian Cooper, this event at the Quaker Meeting House attracted an audience of over 50 people.  It was a joint event by the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre, Cam-paign against the Arms Trade and Uniting for Peace. Vijay showed a DVD which por-trayed the vast military hardware in the world ; against this was placed the 4D Manifesto of the organisation Uniting for Peace. The 4D’s encompass Demilitarising the global economy, improving Democracy at the United Nations, Development in a peaceful and sustainable way, and Disarm-ing the world. In his talk, Vijay argued that a differ-ent world is possible, based on policies of disarmament, demilitarisation, democratisa-tion and sustainable development. What is needed, and what is actually possible now, at this historic moment when economic systems are crumbling and people lose faith in them, is “to get out of our military mindset” and restructure the current systems that make us far too dependent on military spending – and invest instead in sustainable technologies, alleviation of poverty, leadership and new values & ethics.

Brian Cooper who is the Co-ordinator/Churches & Interfaith Secretary of Uniting for Peace, chaired the short question session after the talk. And Imogen Michel from Edinburgh CAAT spoke of practical ways we could protest against the arms trade and our Government which promotes it throughout the world.

Douglas Shaw

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