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Taxes for Peace Bill Back on the Agenda!  

In 2016 Conscience marked the centenary of the Military Service Act by calling on the government to extend the definition of conscientious objection for the 21st Century.

Ruth Cadbury MP moved the Taxes for Peace Bill, with the support of her Parliamentary colleagues. If passed the bill would enable all citizens who define as conscientious objectors to redirect the military portions of their taxes to non-violent means of ensuring our national security. The bill passed its first reading in the House of Commons. The bill has now been rescheduled for the 24th of March 2017. This does not ensure it will be given Parliamentary time BUT if enough MPs support the Bill we can press Parliament into giving the Bill the debate it deserves.

Please Write to your MP and ask him or her to support the Bill.

  • Let them know what the Bill is and when it is being read
  • Let them know the name of the bill: It is called the Taxes for Peace Bill  
  • Say it is being tabled by Ruth Cadbury MP.
  • Ask them to attend the reading andMilitary consider supporting the Bill.
  • Let them know why the proposed legislation is important to you.

Ask your MP and MSPs to signMore information is available on the Conscience Website http://www.conscienceonline.org.uk/  or from David Turner by phoning on 0131 669 1308. The Peace and Justice Centre can also print a copy of the template letter for you.

Parliamentary motions on Military Recruitment of under 18s

Please write to your MP asking him or her to sign on to Early Day Motion 694 on The Recruitment of Minors into the UK Armed Forces and to your MSPs asking them to sign Motion S5M-02539 on the Medact Report on British Armed Forces Recruitment and Motion S5M-02912.

On The British Army’s Increased Intake of 16-year-olds. Full details of the motions and sample texts that you may wish to use and some background information are available at: http://www.forceswatch.net/news/

You could also send your MP/MSP a copy of the new Child Soldier briefing for parliamentarians, outlining the arguments in favour of raising the age of recruitment. The briefing is available from the Centre or to download at: https://www.child-soldiers.org/.

Motion on Failed Trident Test

Ask your MSP to sign Scottish Parliament Motion S5M – 03578 lodged by Mark Ruskell MSP expressing concern about the failed Trident missile test and cover-up. Holyrood “believes that nuclear weapons are indiscriminate killing machines and that they serve no purpose other than the mass slaughter of innocent civilians, and calls on the UK Government to meet what it sees as its requirement under international law and decommission all of its nuclear weapons.” If they haven’t already done so, urge your MSPs to sign it.

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