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Internships, volunteer and work placement opportunities

Internships, volunteer and work placement plans are geared to the strengths and interests of the individual and matched to the needs of the Centre.  Possible duties may include: writing and editing the newsletter, website and calendar; networking with groups and individuals; providing information to visitors; answering emails and responding to telephone inquiries; updating subscriber and membership lists; maintaining and developing information on campaigns and activities including our library of books, periodicals and films; researching and producing fact sheets; fundraising; committee work and campaigning.

The only requirement is a commitment to our values and a desire to work for peace and justice. Basic computer literacy is important for many jobs, though not all. A wide variety of skills are needed in carrying out our work. Maybe you can offer something creative like cartooning, singing, designing exhibitions, or writing poetry for our newsletter; maybe you can build shelves or fix the lights or coach Arabic; or maybe you’d prefer just to help keep the place clean and tidy.

Volunteers Needed Currently:

Maintaining our Website: We need someone to update and maintain our website. We can train in the use of a WordPress website.

Painting. We need someone to repair and paint our A Board. Can you help?

Posting Flyers We need volunteers to distribute flyers around town for our events.

Contact our Coordinator Brian Larkin by emailing coordniator[at] for more information or to help with these roles or other volunteering.

The Centre offers internships, and can guarantee an interesting placement with good opportunities to develop an understanding of peace and justice theory and practice, but cannot at present offer funding. Interns are involved in campaigning and networking plus public office administration, along with a package of tasks drawn from the list you will find at the end of this page. We work to the strengths of our interns and volunteers, according to the expressed needs of the community of which we are part.

If you are interested in becoming an intern or doing a work placement please contact us via email or phone.

If you’re interested in volunteering either come in to the centre for more information or fill out the below form and email to contact[at] or hand it in with us.

Volunteer Application Form

Job Openings

Peace & Justice Centre has no job Openings at this time.

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