Leith Stands up to Racism – Refugees and Migrants Welcome!

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Following a series of vicious racist attacks in Edinburgh this year, Stand up to Racism Edinburgh is organising a ‘Leith Stands up to Racism’ March and Rally on October 27th to say refugees and migrants are welcoming here – no to racist attacks in our multicultural community!

Last month over 300 people came out to support a peace vigil in response to the firebombing of the Sikh temple in Leith which the police are treating as an alleged hate crime. Earlier this year, two young Polish men were physically attacked in Davidson Mains and Shabaz Ali, a young Syrian refugee was stabbed six times in a racially motivated attempted murder attack in the Fountainbridge area.

Across Britain and beyond we are witnessing an alarming growth of racism and the threat posed by the far-right. Migrans and refugees are being scapegoated for the effects of austerity, while EU nationals are used as bargaining chips in Brexit negotiations. The release of fascist ex-BNP, ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson from prison has boosted their confidence to take to the street. Senior Tories like Boris Johnson launching attacks on Muslim women will only increase Islamophobia and further encourage racist attacks.

If we are to defeat the rise of racism, we need a united movement of everyone who oppose it. Saturday October 27th will give us a change to show that we will not be silent. Migrants and refugees are not responsible for cuts in our services, or for the lack of decent jobs or houses. They do not make the political decisions that decide what services are cut, what houses are built or what wages are paid. We have to fight for unity and not let racism divide us.

‘Leith Stands up to Racism’ march will be followed in the afternoon by a ‘Love Music, Hate Racism’ music gig, open to all who oppose racism and want to celebrate our rich cultural diversity.

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